This is a true story of a studio attempting to do wrong to an artist, and how that artist protected himself from it. The facts are all true, only the names have been changed or left out.

I have written this so that others can learn from my experience and legal events that I had to go through to make things right.


I hope that maybe you might have learned something from my experiences here. I don't write this to intentionally bash the company, but more to make other artists aware of what their legal rights are and what you can do when a company attempts to do you wrong.

Hopefully you can take something from this and save yourself from a company with bad intentions. I think the biggest part is to get your details of the booking documented and agreed upon in writing by both parties. You also need to be ready to go the entire distance if you want to make it right. I did not think this would actually go to court, but I was prepared for it when it did.

I have to thank the freelance producer that gave me this deal memo idea over a year ago, as it was the one thing that saved me in this case. I also need to thank some other artists, producers, and studio owners that have given me great advice on this situation and since I got into this industry.

I have the utmost respect for all of the artists, and especially the director that I was working with there. This whole thing is the fault of faulty production and management, and has nothing to do with any of the artists. They are all very skilled and creative and I would enjoy working with all of them again.