This is a true story of a studio attempting to do wrong to an artist, and how that artist protected himself from it. The facts are all true, only the names have been changed or left out.

I have written this so that others can learn from my experience and legal events that I had to go through to make things right.

The Project Begins

October 15, 2009

I start my work at Epilogue today. The team is very skilled and creative. I really like working with the director and the team fits well together. This studio has some very creative people, but something just doesn't seem right to me about the production.

This was the first time I had a time card and was forced to check in and out every time I left the building. It reminds me of the good old retail days in college.

I have a computer that does not work correctly, and a network that always goes down throughout the day. A couple days later, I work my first weekend with them.