This is a true story of a studio attempting to do wrong to an artist, and how that artist protected himself from it. The facts are all true, only the names have been changed or left out.

I have written this so that others can learn from my experience and legal events that I had to go through to make things right.

The Second Confrontation and Walk Out

November 20, 2009

My check is given to me intentionally on the way out today. This looks sketchy to me already, so I open it. My suspicion is confirmed when the check was short and not paying the fully invoiced amount.

First, I approach Invoice Guy. He is ready with the Head of Production to talk to me about it, as if it was planned. The 3 of us go into an office and discuss the issue. The owner of the company chooses to do all of his dirty work through these 2 people.

After reminding them of our written agreement, the head of production says that he is not going to honor the terms and thus breaching our original agreement. I was given a choice of either accepting their terms, not including my agreed upon rate, or leaving.

Out of respect for the director and other artists, I tell them personally what happened before I leave and wish them luck with the rest of the project. Then I leave the studio for good, writing a letter the next day to the owner to officially withdraw myself from the project.