This is a true story of a studio attempting to do wrong to an artist, and how that artist protected himself from it. The facts are all true, only the names have been changed or left out.

I have written this so that others can learn from my experience and legal events that I had to go through to make things right.

The Final Showdown

February 18, 2010

Today is the big day in court. I am at a studio that had no problem with me coming into work late in order to make this right. In small claims court, you cannot be represented by an attorney, so I went to represent myself. Small claims court has some funny characters, and we got to watch some interesting cases before ours was called.

Epilogue was represented by Invoice Guy. When both of our stories were told, the judge started leaning towards the direction of my side winning the case. The original agreement we made held up legally in court. It was in writing and both parties had agreed upon it, making it legally binding. The only evidence they had to show were the time sheets from their time clock which matched all of my records.

Since there were no other agreements in writing, this is the final agreement. The judge awarded a judgment in my favor to pay the entire amount that they owed me, plus court fees.